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|An Original|Passion & Delivery By Charles The Kid|H.O.A.M|


Passion & Delivery (Prod. By Charles The Kid) by Charles The Kid

A therapeutic Release.
Enjoy This Upload For Now.
Won’t Be Public For Long.
To Explain This Idea Lightly.
It’s Understanding Your Gift.
& Persevering Through Your Journey.
Also There’s a Remembrance To Loved Ones
That Have Passed Within This Little Piece.
This Is My Original Style Of HOAM.
Music Production.
If It’s Your First Time Hearing This Style.
& You Want To Understand My Sound More.
(Besides Myself Sampling)

Check My Bio At:

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My Media Company [CTKVI] Is Happy To Introduce a New Service.
Professional Mastering For Cheap With High Quality Results.
If Your In The Process Of Releasing a Mixtape|EP|Album|Single|LP Etc.

Or Trying To Score Placements With Your Beats|Instrumentals

You Will Need The Quality Of Your Music To Be At The Highest Level.

What Our Mastering Service Includes:

•  Each song is carefully processed with analog and digital equipment
•  Corrective/Balancing/Mastering EQ
•  Multi-Band Compression
•  Hiss Removal (if necessary)
•  Harmonic Exciter & Saturation Processing
•  Clarity and Punch boost that may be missing from your flat mixes
•  Clean intros and outros so there are no sudden starts or stops
•  No “presets” applied, every song is handled differently based on its needs
•  Competitive volume maximization 

This Is At The Cost Of $15 Per Track|Composition|Beat.
Examples Of Mastering Can Be Sent At Request.
If Interested.



(Source: charlesthekid)